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emily malice x The London Vagabond

The Emily Malice x The London Vagabond zine features photographs and illustrations from Emily Malice and The London Vagabond.


Emily Malice is one of London's most prolific tattooers, adorning skin at Femme Fatale Tattoo studio in East London. Her work is in her own words is a 'delicious collison' between pop art and botany.


The London Vagabond are London based lovers and fetishists, they collaboratively produce analogue film work that is unashamedly raw and often explores kink and eroticism.


The publication is a 48 page, staple bound, A5 zine printed onto 150gsm silk paper with a hand finished, screenprinted cover onto 350gsm uncoated paper. Limited run of 250. Each zine comes with custom stickers.

Emily Malice scans002.jpg
Emily Malice scans003.jpg
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