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'All the rumours you heard are true' is a5 publication which has been released as part of our show titled 'All the rumours you heard are true', Village Gallery, Manchester



After almost a decade of documenting fetishists, sex clubs, sex work and our own personal sex lives, we feel like we’ve seen, heard and smelt it all. And then, as we open our inbox to a very detailed email about the specific way someone wants to be used, abused and defiled, we quickly realise we haven’t. However, when you look through a lens everything becomes normal, no matter how obscure.


The history of sexuality, and the documentation of fetishism, is still so small comparative to the thousands of years we have existed as pleasure-seeking creatures. These photos sit proudly on the pages of the publication because these people exist, this is their history, a moment in time where they were most sincere, alive, vulnerable and free.


It’s easy to sensationalise these images, for a viewers reaction to be disgust, confusion or shock. Those that allow a camera to document their most private acts deserve respect. If you are able to let go of your preconceived ideas of what a connection is, you’ll see tenderness, trust and adoration. A narrative that challenges the stereotypical fairytale and mainstream depiction of love. You just have to look past the debauchery to see it…


The rumours about our lifestyle are rife, and these images will only make the tongues wag harder.


A5 publication, 56 pages, on silk paper with a gloss cover. 

All the rumours are true

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