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'I hope you never fit in' is a 48-page, mixed-media experimental publication.


Over the past few years we've seen the sentence 'I hope you never fit in' scrawled on walls and painted on canvases around East London. It resonated with us and our work. All images in this publication were created in 2022 and are previously unseen (and uncensored).


Thank you for allowing us to take your photos:



Mimi Dey

Sweet Severine

Miriam Veil 



Eliza Eden

Justine Marie

Emily Sootsprite

Mika Katana

Primal Leather

Miss Vera Violette

Mistress Lunatika

Pretty Epitome 

Jane Monroe

Soft Skin Latex

Mistress Gemma Li

Pamela Blonde

Nylon Aurora

Madonna Whore Complex


Dedicated to Amy 

'I hope you never fit in'

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