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2023 Re-release 


We have slowly been working on a publication that is a crude documentation of 5 years worth of filth. It goes without saying that this body of work is far too extreme for the world of social media. This work is far removed from societies ideals of the perfect image, this walks a very fine line between art and just pure perversion. It is fetish without a glossy latex shine; it is deviancy, desire and it is damn right dirty. Within this work the male ego is totally crushed, selfish desires have been turned on their heads and weaponised (consensually) against the submissive - what happens when one overindulges in their fantasies? Does this excessive gratification of hedonism become mundane? Does it become robotic, is the submissive a mindless vessel that now consumes its owner’s orders without question? Consent is paramount it is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of kink. However. what happens when you give up consent? Or you allow someone to make decisions about what you are and are not comfortable with? who can use you, when, where and how...How does that develop over time? Where is the line drawn? These are questions we ask ourselves constantly, this body of work does not explore all the answers, the images, the non-linear stories, the illustrations and the prison letters in this publication perhaps only provide the reader with more questions...


A5, 120 page perfect bound publication on 150gsm silk paper. Soft touch 200gsm cover.

Illustrations: Rat Face (@ratteface) 

Excessive Gratification

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