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Rats In The Walls Vol II, like Vol I was all shot in the confines of The London Vagabond's home, however, unlike the first instalment this was a choice, the four walls had become an unwanted studio. The house became like a hotel at some points, a revolving door of model after model coming from all over the world, the house was more than just a place to stay, when they walked through that door it was as if they had become part of the family. The work produced was birthed out of a genuine friendship, a connection built over a few hours or a couple of days! 

The Zine was a self-published A5, 52 full colour pages, printed onto 170gsm recycled paper with a 250gsm uncoated cover. The first edition of 150 sold out in under 11 hours, the second edition still has limited stock on our web store



It’s been over a year since my release from prison and since this body of work began and we’ve created a fuck load of shit in this hellhole. But, I am glad to say that I am finally getting out of this slum that I once called home.There have been bailiffs trying to gain entry, the local borough’s enforcement agency banging on the door due to too many stripper heels clip clopping on the floor disturbing the neighbours, a sink that got totally smashed, someone shit in the bath, period blood splattered on the walls and scalpels to the face. we’ve been officially banned from living in our own upstairs bedroom due to the house being deemed as being in disrepair. Craziest part of it all is that amongst the madness we cooked up a baby…


Dedicated to the Landlady, I hope you get thrush!

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