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one night in February - 2020 

One Night In February is a selection of images shot over our two February 'One night' parties co-hosted with Mistress Adreena at the beautiful Inanna Studios. For those that are curious, the images give a little insight into the world of femxle play; submission, domination, sadism and masochism. The first party in February fell on a full moon which resulted in a lot of ruby showers, the second saw our very first needle and knife play demonstration...each party feels totally different to the last, we can't wait to see the evolution of these very special nights....


Limited edition, A5, 56 page publication printed on 130gsm silk paper with a 250gsm natural paper cover. The publication is a mixture of full colour and black and white images. Published by Hide It From Your Mum.

lipstick portrait.JPG
used marks 33.JPG
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