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Western society has had an ever growing desire for immediacy for as long as we can remember. Fast food, fast money, fast sex and fast photos. 


Polaroid was born, and along with it the ability to materialise an image automatically, there was no longer a requirement to develop negatives in a darkroom. These instant images have always had an association with explicit imagery, a connotation which bodes well with our work. 


We’ve been shooting Polaroids since The London Vagabond began, they’re inconvenient, inconsistent and nostalgic. We’d say that some of our best work is produced in those 3.11 x 3.11" squares. 


We have sifted through our archive of over 2500 Polaroids, which we’ve accumulated over the past 8 years to curate 'Polaroid Diary: Vol 1'. Work featured in this new publication includes, but isn’t limited to: self portraits, documentation of sex parties, sessions behind the doors of well known London dungeons, our own debauchery, latex fetishes and various muses.


Warning, this publication features uncensored work of an adult nature, expect blood, nudity and a sprinkle of urine.


Extremely limited to just 150 copies.


A4, 60 page staple bound publication on 150gsm silk paper and a 200gsm gloss paper cover.


*This is a Pre-order so please keep in mind that your order may take up to 3-6 weeks to arrive, if your are from overseas please expect it to be slightly longer.*

Polaroid Diary: Vol 1

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